The Jets cut Darrelle Revis this week, marking probably the last real time anyone will take him seriously until he’s up for HoF discussion. It was kind of a sad end for the money man, one of the original paycheck chasers. Last week  we kind of talked about players and why we shouldn’t judge them too harshly for going for that paper. Revis was always one of those players who made it kind of hard to do so, because it was hard to not consider him a little bit greedy. If Tom Brady was a company man who could demand literally all the money but actually takes a pay cut to make the team work better, Revis was the other pole. Revis held the Jets ransom for a new contract, which most people feel he deserved. Then he threatened to do it again before he tore his ACL and the Jets traded him to Tampa so they wouldn’t have to deal with Revis demanding more fat stacks coming off a knee injury.

Revis got a massive contract in TB (Man his agent is a monster) and then did good, but didn’t fit the Tampa 2 system and the Bucs released him. Then the man manages to go to NE, get a 12 million single year rental contract, wins a Super Bowl, tells everyone asking him to take a pay cut to suck it, and resumes holding the Jets at gunpoint for all the money. 5 years, 39 Million guaranteed. Holy moley seriously who is Darrelle Revis’ agent because my god does he get shit done.

He had a good year and then this past season took a giant nosedive off a cliff as every WR he faced basically bought a house on Revis Island. It’s a sad and lackluster fart of an end to a pretty stellar period of dominance. At his peak Revis was one of the best to ever play the position and his 2009 is one of the best seasons by a corner, ever. I don’t know if anyone is going to rent space on the island now, he’s 31, demands all the money, and didn’t appear to care. I think he’ll get a 1 year deal worth 80 billion with some team and then be gone after the season.

I can only hope he’s smart with money because otherwise that was a ton of paper to waste and we should singlehandedly blame Revis for killing the rainforests.