Vikings officially threw in the towel I guess. Probably for the best.

So ultimately, after all is said and done, the Vikings basically traded their 2nd round pick for a late third round pick and 6 games of Yannick Ngakoue, plus some money they have to pay him. Good job, Vikings! Aces work.

The Vikings, my secret second love, are bad. Unexpectedly bad. A true disappointment, compared to the likes of teams we all expected to be bad. This team reached the divisional round just last year and have been sufficiently successful overall under Zimmer. But they did lose Diggs and some other players to injury and such, so maybe a regression wasn’t too unexpected. But this? This is awful. They bad. I hope nobody is calling for the heads of Zimmer/Spielman though, because this team has pretty much done a good job. All you need is a coach who can consistently get you to the dance, load up on decent cheaper talent, and get lucky with a great QB or an incredible defense or just sheer dumb luck on a run.

The Vikings under Zimmer have managed most of that, except at QB. Kirk is good when he’s on, but he’s extremely bad when he’s off. He reminds me of Eli without the playoff runs to bolster his image. I genuinely think he gets too much shit but I won’t pretend he doesn’t make some terrible choice throws. He’s good enough that he’s frustrating, because you can tell he has the ability to be genuinely good enough to win it, he just refuses to do so for a long enough stretch of time before turning into a pumpkin for a quarter. Plus he’s expensive, so that’s a problem.

The defense has been the bigger let down this season. They should be good! But people get hurt and the Vikings are not replacing old pieces very well. Just all in all a bad year for my purple boys. Good for Yannick though, he goes to an instant contender and makes them better. He’s also going home, as he grew up in the area and went to Maryland.



Fuck Evan Engram