Well that Chiefs vs Texans game was certainly one of the craziest halves of football I have ever watched. Probably the most hilarious 2 quarters of football played all season. All I could think heading into the 2nd half was how funny it would have been if some jaded, bitter fan had already given up and bailed on the game, only to get outside the stadium and realize he was missing the greatest comeback the team has ever performed. Lol and behold, someone did just that!

Mr. Big Buck Chuck (as I presume he likes to be called) was either genuinely superstitious enough to consider himself cursed or he was just using it as a joke excuse to bail on the game because it was depressing him at that point. Either way, we must thank him for his sacrifice. His post got enough views that he got a little bit of playful media attention and Pat Mahomes straight up told him to stay home next week. It must be weird getting viral fame for being cursed.

I feel bad for anyone who missed that game, especially the first half. The Texans jumped out to such a fast lead and it felt like everything was going wrong for Kansas City. Dropped passes. Blown coverage. Tyreek Hill straight up muffing a punt and giving Houston the ball in the red zone. It looked like the kind of hole that would be difficult even for a team like the Chiefs to climb out of. I mean, just the day before, the Ravens fell into a smaller hole early and never even came close to climbing out. Chiefs fans looked dead inside when they cut to the crowd.

I guess for a moment we all forgot what a dunce Bill O’Brien is. Thanks to Lamar Jackson’s amazing year and the early knee injury, we also kinda forgot what a cheat code Mahomes is. It took us roughly ten minutes to be reminded. It started small. The Texans were deep into KC territory and had a 4th and inches. They appeared to be going for it. Then Billy Buttchin called it off and kicked a supremely cowardly field goal instead. That was a perfect time to go for it, really put KC in a 28 pt hole and make this game feel unwinnable. The coward kicked the chipshot instead.

This act of cowardice was immediately repaid by the Chiefs waking up. A quick Chiefs TD later and the Texans faced a punt. For reasons I cannot quite fathom, the Texans decided this was the time to be aggressive, and called a fake punt. It failed, the Chiefs got another TD, and suddenly we had a ballgame on our hands. I can’t for the life of me figure that fake punt out. They were in the middle of their own territory. They were up by 17. There was a ton of game left. They needed several yards. Punt that ball, send the defense out there, and if things go bad on that drive then you can start pulling out the weird shit. The only thinking I can fathom behind the fake punt was “this is the dumbest time to fake punt, so THEY’LL NEVER SEE IT COMING!”. They saw it coming and stopped it.

After the quick TD following the punt, the rest of the game somehow felt inevitable. A muffed runback of their own put the Texans in an even worse spot, and we ended up going into halftime with the Texans down by 4 points after leading by 24 points with 10 minutes left. By the end of the game it was hard to fathom that a comeback had even occurred. The Texans went completely to shit and the Chiefs offense suddenly looked like the inhuman terror cell it was last season. Pat Mahomes is back, baby.

I can’t wait to see how the Titans somehow turn this team to putty this weekend because King Henry cannot be stopped. Whoever wins that game I hope becomes the champion though. Both teams are far more interesting than the 49ers or Packers. Bleh.