BACK TO NORMAL COMICS. No more silly Pez Bryant. Or will there be? This offseason has been quiet and I will make no predictions. But now, it’s time to catch up on tiny snippets of news that have trickled out in recent weeks. #1 on the list, Sammy Watkins apparently broke his foot! We didn’t find out about it till after he had surgery; the news came out of nowhere and made Bills fans sad because it was very Bills. After a good season Watkins and Tyrod look primed to take over but this could be a bad sign for Sammy. Two injuries to Watkins already would make me nervous. Though Watkins should be back by the season so it’s not a big deal. He didn’t tear his ACL or anything, just a foot bone that snapped when Rob rubbed it too hard for Rex’s latest foot fetish video. I assume.

The Buffalo Bills have been doing a sort of weird media blackout recently and news out of the camp is tough to come by. For whatever reason Rex Ryan has decided he no longer wants the spotlight and is keeping the hounds at bay. Obviously since this is Rex Ryan it might just be another publicity stunt made to appear he’s “DOING GOOD COACH WORK” and crap like that, in an attempt to get people to take him more seriously. He hired his washed up wolfman bro and had a rather disappointing year last season (on defense at least), so maybe this is just him telling the world in a Rex Ryan type way to give him attention by pretending to shun attention. Obviously when you try to “quiet” and neutralize stories that simply becomes the story instead and arguably makes it worse. Rex seems media savvy so he probably knows this.

Or…OR…his ass is on the hot seat and he’s taking drastic measures. Rex made a big impression when he was hired but I don’t think last year endeared him to Bills fans much. He ran Mario Williams out of town and tried to install his defensive system into a team that didn’t have the right talent to fit. That defense was built around Jim Schwartz and the 4-3, and Ryan came in and said “lol nope” and ruined all the good stuff because “Gotta trust the system, man”. That’s never been a sign of a good coach. Good coaches always use what they have the best they can instead of trying to fit square pegs in round holes. They adapt their system to best fit the talent, instead of trying to adapt the talent to fit the script. Rex is bad at that. If I were a Bills fan it would feel like I was heading into another mediocre year. 7-9ish, no playoffs.