Thank you for putting up with this week of stupid comics based around puns of Dez Bryant’s name. It may have been very stupid, but I had fun. I still really like the idea of a Dez Bryant brother who is actually a Pez dispenser. We’ve got a long offseason ahead of us and nothing is happening, so there will probably be more stupid to come. Fair warning. I’ve got a few more Dez family jokes in my dispenser but I’ll try to keep them in the tank for now.

There will not be any new comic tomorrow. You had two extra comics this week, I don’t want to hear any bitching.

To the commenter on the last comic who asked why Pez can’t be the Prez. This is why. You can’t trust that man around the nukes. What if he coughs and a brick flies out and hits the button? Actually that makes me wonder about Pez’s anatomy a little bit more. If you pat him on the back too hard, does he shoot out Pez? If he vomits, does his neck just open and have bricks shoot out?

Did anyone actually use Pez dispensers? I was..iffy on it as a child. They tasted like harder brick shaped versions of smarties to me. Kinda chalky. But most of the time I didn’t care about actually loading the dispenser and I just ripped open the top of the candy package and ate them like that. It was too much of a hassle to actually use the dispenser, and half the time it wouldn’t even work right. The brick wouldn’t come out far enough to drop into your hand, or everything would jam. The dispensers may have been various degrees of collectors items but ultimately they didn’t work well as toys, which is what kids want. Pez is kind of a dumb candy.