WELCOME TO DEZ BRYANT WEEK! Well, Meet the Bryants week, really.

It’s been a long time since I did a specialty week, so lets have some stupid fun. It’s the offseason and jack is happening anyway.

This is the result of a couple weeks ago, frantically trying to come up with something, anything to make a comic about. I went on a nice walk (like I normally do to think up comic ideas) and thought about a stupid picture I made the day before. This one. I thought about maybe making a few more silly instagram pictures of Dez Bryant name puns. Not a lot rhymes with Dez so I only really got 3 good ones. Fez, Prez and Pez. Then I came up with a stupid idea (that will be later this week) and thought it would be an amazing comic, but it would require waaaaaay too much set up so that everyone got the joke, so I came up with this intro comic to show the concept, but then a comic for set up and a comic for a punchline seemed dumb. So I then came up with several more ideas, all based around a similar theme (which will become clear) and realized like most weeks/running gags I do, it’s all basic variations of the same joke, and maybe I could just throw them all into one week of stupid and get it out of my system. So here we are. Sneak peek into my thought process, by the way.

So yeah, here’s the set up. Dez Bryant has 3 brothers. One of them is a humble hat salesman. One is the president of the united states. One is an ungodly horror. It’s your basic sitcom premise. Honestly every sitcom has an ungodly horror these days. Big Bang Theory is a show with nothing but ungodly horrors.