Dez Bryant to the Saints hell ye..aaaaaaand he’s gone.

I feel cheated. All that waiting to find out what would happen to Dez. All that speculation on if nobody wanted him or if he was just being picky and waiting for the right place to be. Where would Dez go? Who would want Dez? If Dez even good anymore? We finally had an answer lined up on the table. Dez waited and found the best landing spot possible. The Saints have an argument for being the best team in football right now. They have a #1 WR so Dez would be an asset instead of the workhorse, which would allow him to ease in and likely mask some flaws. He’d probably win a playoff game. Best of all, the Saints play the Cowboys in a month, and watching Dez destroy the Jerruhs would be the sweetest possible piece of pie. You know it would happen too. Sean Payton is petty as hell and likes to design games around stuff like that. Every time Drew Brees is up for a record it feels like the Saints gameplan is GET BREES THE RECORD. He would absolutely design a gameplan to feed Dez against the Cowboys and it would have worked.

Instead roughly a day later Dez Bryant was dead. RIP Dez Bryant.

It’s a goddamn tragedy. Now we get to wonder if his career is over instead. Dez may not even be a Saint next year. He might have to settle for the first offer to come along this time. Maybe he’ll be a Bengal under the newly appointed Hue Jackson. Dez would make an excellent subject to throw under a bus. Maybe he’ll go to the Redskins, they could use an old guy to add to the pile and being spiteful is about all Dan Snyder is good at (he’s bad at that too). Maybe he’ll be a Giant! He wont.