I will admit I was laughing my butt off when the Cowboys lost the call and in one second I realized that after a week of smug Dallas fans telling Lions fans to “get over it” that we were going to get a whole week of Dallas fans doing exactly what they mocked Detroit for doing, yelling about the refs. The situations are slightly different and that’s what most of them will say, but really, it’s just complaining about the refs and the rules and oh man those tears are so delicious.

What seems funny to me is that both Dallas and Detroit have legitimate complaints. The refs in the wildcard were garbage and Detroit got a some bad no-calls in critical points (yes, Dallas got a few as well). Now Dallas gets screwed over by a terrible rule, the famed Calvin Johnson rule. It’s been around for 5 years now and every once in a while we get a play like this and we all get mad. I don’t like the rule, but I don’t think it’s as easy to fix as you’d think. A lot of plays get called incomplete that nobody has a problem with because it’s pretty clear most of the time when a player hits the ground and loses the ball. There will always be a little bit of ambiguity on some plays, just the nature of the sport. I think it should always come down to a matter of possession and control. There are certain things players do with the ball that indicate definite control and possession. Switching the ball between hands. Extending the ball. Tucks it. ¬†You can’t do these things if you don’t have control, and if you ask me, if a player catches a ball and is able to do one of these things, as well as get two feet down it should count as possession. Dez Bryant switched the ball between hands, I think he should have been down. You show this to anyone who doesn’t know the rule and they think it’s a catch. It’s hard to argue Dez didn’t catch that ball except by dumb technicalities.

But Dallas lost, so I’m happy. I have no idea who to root for now.
I hate Indianapolis because I was born in the Baltimore area and trained to loathe the Colts and the Irsays for skipping town
I hate the Seahawks because they won it just last year and their fanbase unironically calls themselves 12s.
I hate the Packers..I can’t really say why. I’m just sick of them. Smug cheeseheads who think they are so special, so many bandwagon fans who litter the country who have never even lived or visited Wisconsin
I hate the Patriots because they are evil

But the weird part, is that the team with the longest Super Bowl win drought is…New England. If I have to hate every team, I might go full satan and root for pure evil. Go Pats. I want to watch the world burn.