It was windy in Chicago on Sunday (har har). Cody Parkey decided to probably set an NFL record and hit the uprights a whopping 4 times.

It may very well be the greatest doink performance of all time. I don’t think anyone has ever bothered to record that, but it feels like a record, doesn’t it? 4 times? One doinkasaurus is rare. I think I’ve seen a game with two doinks in it only once, and I’m pretty sure the game I saw with two doinks was actually by both kickers doing a single doink. Parkey doinked it 4 times, all by his own damn self. It’s honestly more impressive to me than going 5-5 on field goals past 50 yards. The NFL uprights are 18 feet across. That’s 18 feet of space you can use to get through. That’s hard, but it’s still 18 feet of space to work with.

An NFL goalpost, from what I can find on google, has roughly a 6 and 5/8″ diameter. An NFL goalpost is basically 7 inches wide. Two goal posts together would make an entire foot of space. so Cody Parkey managed to hit a 7 inch target 4 times. That is legitimately impressive, intentions be damned. I think that’s far more interesting then making it through a 18 foot space.

I imagine my thought process was the same as everyone else’s during the time span:

Doink 1- hahaha, doink! Doinks are the best.
Doink 2- Holy shit! He doinked it again! Hahahahaha it is so windy.
Doink 3- No fucking way. There’s no way he did it again. I can’t believe it

It should go in the NFL record books. This might be a Brett Favre consecutive game streak type record. It may not have helped his team, but at least the Bears still won so the stain of smacking the upright 4 times doesn’t hurt too bad. Cody should hold his head up high. If nothing else, he accomplished something on Sunday we may have never seen nor ever see again. I’m not sure a kicker could even hit an upright 4 times in one game if he was intentionally aiming to do so, and the game wasn’t as windy as this one was.

One final unrelated note: I finally changed the header image, making it official. Mon-Wed-Fri will be my schedule moving forward.