Well that Kareem Hunt stuff all went down surprisingly fast.

One day there we are, all happy for the Chiefs, all excited to see what this team could do, and then BAM! Scumbag. 7 hours later, as we are all reeling from the hits, Kareem Hunt becomes Kareem Hunting for a job. No one claimed him on waivers (I’m sure the Skins wanted to though) and now we find out he was also involved in another altercation. Add him to the scumbag list!

I didn’t get a chance to watch the video till after he was already cut so I’ll admit that I expected worse considering what everyone was saying. KAREEM HUNT BRUTALIZES WOMAN. It wasn’t good but the crime was a weird lunge that sorta hit her and a weak tantrum kick. Didn’t feel close to Ray Rice. It also wasn’t domestic violence, it is just plain assault. He wasn’t involved with the woman. Honestly, before the rest of his altercations came out, I thought the outrage was a smidge overblown. With everything else that has come to light, I’m fine with calling him a shit.

A lot of people, myself included, seemed stunned to see Hunt cut so fast. The video seemed suspension worthy to me, not quite cut worthy. Hunt didn’t have previous issues off the field. It especially seemed kinda weird to see the Chiefs take a strong moral stance while Tyreek Hill still enjoys nothing but leniency. But the more that comes out, the more it appears to be because Hunt lied to the Chiefs and hid his actions, and since the league never got hold of the tape till now they got scared and did the right thing. I’m sure the NFL will still fuck this up somehow. They never met a situation like this they couldn’t get wrong.