So the other night I had a weird dream. It involved a comic about Alex Smith. I thought it was kinda funny and decided I was going to make it. It’s rare enough that I remember a dream, let alone actually make a comic in one. I dreamed I came to this idea while walking through my elementary school parking lot. Dreams are weird.

I’m probably still going to make it, but after a ton of failed drafts and struggles, I realized it was too much setup for an okay payoff. It would involve far too many panels to draw if I wanted to keep the dialogue down, or far too much expository dialogue, which always kind of ruins things. The problem with dreams is they make perfect sense when you’re in them, and the real world starts picking it apart. But, I still want to do the joke, so consider this the first of a series. That mediocre punchline will get a build up, but it will happen. It’s the offseason what the hell else is there to do?

I like how the Chiefs drafted Pat Mahomes this past draft. When I saw that I laughed really hard, because he’s going to get Kaepernick’d again. Alex Smith is a flawed QB, and we’ve seen his peak. At this point we aren’t going to get a better Alex Smith, we’d have found it by now. He simply is Alex Smith. Pat Mahomes is just like Kaep: a QB with the opposite talents. Instead of an overly cautious dink n dunker, Mahomes is a fairly reckless instinctual kinda guy who loves chucking it. So soon we will see Mahomes in trick plays. A few random playbook guest appearances. He likely won’t even throw the ball the first few times, but function as a decoy for a run play. Then Smith will get his bell run. Or twist an ankle. Maybe catch a cold. Then it’ll happen. Mahomes will light it up, and in 6 years Pat will be a disappointment who half the country hates and the other thinks is a bad QB but likes as a person.

I guess that means Andy Reid is the Michigan coach in 6 years too then, sorry Harbaugh.