So my silly Alex Smith on the moon dream idea has…ballooned somewhat. Prepare for this week to be EXCLUSIVELY Alex Smith moon comics. Offseason ahoy! My first 4-part saga! I hope it provides you as much silly fun as I’ve had thinking it up. The payoff should also be a nice reward for long time readers.

Someone mentioned Alex Smith as the Texans QB on the previous comic and it’s funny, he probably would be a good fit there. Being a safe QB who keeps turnovers to a minimum while leaning on a productive run game, with the help of an all-star defense is pretty much exactly how he got within one Kyle Williams knee of the Super Bowl. I’d imagine Nuk would not be utilized to his complete potential but at least Smith can throw a ball 10 yards pretty reliably, unlike the lobstrosity.

Smith is like the definition of a game manager. He’s almost the pinnacle of the term. If he won the Super Bowl people would throw him in the same category as good ol’ Brad Johnson, that guy who didn’t screw up enough and let everyone else do the work. Or possibly the Steelers in 2005. Man that was a shit game.

I wonder if you’d have to put Smith at exactly league average? Ignoring stats, more looking at his history and his abilities at this point, which seem well defined. I’m curious what teams he’d be an upgrade for. Let’s brainstorm.

Browns for sure
Dolphins? Possibly a wash. Tannehill seems like just another wanna be Alex Smith. Not much better on his good days, and far worse on his bad ones.
49ers, ironically
Vikings? Not really sure, but I’d be open to it, and it might depend on the future of Teddy
Cardinals, but only if Carson Palmer is finally dead

That’s actually less than I expected. Anyone close to Smith in skill level is younger and still has lots of upside. Smith has a few more years left in the league and I’m curious what his legacy will be if he never gets farther than he did in 2015, winning a playoff game for the Chiefs. Will we remember him at all? It doesn’t even feel like he was the QB on the 49ers team that almost made it in 2011, Kaep’s influence on that team in subsequent years kind of overshadows it.