Completing my week of comics not about football, Baseball gunk checks! Thanks for the idea in the last comic comments.

I can’t comment on the gunk checks with much depth since baseball isn’t something I follow these days but it’s been hard to miss the noise gunk checks are making. Are the gunk checks good? Are they a waste of time? I do know that it’s hilarious how mad pitchers are about it, and Max Scherzer starting to strip after getting frustrated with the checks was pretty great. A baseball head in the comments can clarify this for me but it feels like a vintage case of the sport recognizing a problem and then going about fixing it in the stupidest ways possible that make everyone annoyed. MLB’s own version of the Pass Interference Review rule.

As a baseball hater, fuck the pitchers. More hits are fun. Watching a pitcher get his ass kicked is hilarious. Watching a pitcher methodically throw ball after ball is boring and only gets fun once the count tightens up and the next pitch has to actually have an outcome. Or if the pitcher is on a roll and it’s late game and we’ve got a no-hitter or something special going. Seems kinda dumb that they implemented this gunk stuff mid-season but if it results in more dingers? Cool.

I just hope we get a pitcher fully drop trou soon. The streakers are coming from inside the field!