This weekend the long offseason wait finally comes to an end and we finally get our much needed fix of football. Sort of. Kinda. It’s sort of pathetic, really. We are true addicts. The Hall of Fame Game is probably the least meaningful game of football played during the entire football year but yet every year people still manage to convince themselves that the HoF game means something because it signals the start of the preseason after a long wait. The Pro Bowl, much as I mock it, is way cooler than this game. The Pro Bowl is just surrounded by the greatest weeks of football in the year whereas the HoF game comes during the worst.

The only thing remotely worthwhile about the HoF game is the return of football that it signals. Anyone who professes to like it knows deep down that’s the only reason why. The game is like a preseason game for preseason. It contains no value. You’d be better served watching some CFL games instead. Legions of people already want the preseason shortened to 2 games. This is a game between two teams that probably don’t want to be there, running incredibly safe and conservative plays. In the years long tradition of the HoF Game, something interesting has happened exactly once. In the grand scheme of things, the game itself is probably the least interesting part of the weekend. The Hall of Fame inductions themselves are far more interesting and a much better way to signal the beginning of football than some chump exhibition joke of a game.

So have fun tomorrow everybody, as you make it to about the second quarter before remembering you have something better to do. Enjoy Andrew Luck going 3/4 for 12 yards and a single first down before they bench him for Packer legend Scott Tolzien. Enjoy Aaron Rodgers going 5/6 for 17 yards. Enjoy watching sideline interviews with the inductees as the game is happening live behind them. Enjoy not recognizing a single player name in the 4th quarter, should you make it that far. Best of all, enjoy the plethora of bullshit articles that come out the next day with titles like “10 things we learned from the Hall of Fame Game” with #1 being something like “Rodgers is still Rodgers” like it’s news.

But on the other hand, I’ll take it, because goddamn it’s been too long since I had a hit.

Sunday edit: The game got cancelled lmfao