I spent most of Sunday night and Monday morning trying desperately to come up with something funny about the HoF Game getting cancelled. No matter what I came up with nothing seemed as funny as what actually happened. The Hall of Fame Game was cancelled due to effectively a 3 stooges type comedy of errors. Sometimes life truly is stranger than fiction.

To Summarize:
-Someone uses the wrong paint to mark the field
-they then notice the paint acting wrong, and not drying fast enough, so they heat up the paint to dry it
-the field is fieldturf, which is that weird turf with the rubber pellets in it. The heat melted them together.
-The field is now a sticky, rubber congealed mess, and someone busts out paint thinner to try and break it up
-a smart person realizes Paint Thinner is very dangerous to the touch and shouldn’t be on a football field
-the game is cancelled an hour before it starts
-All of this happens after an incredibly ironic tweet by NFL operations

It’s 2016, how the hell does this happen? How does someone with the job of painting the field not grab the right paint? Why do other types of paint even exist for these employees? How does nobody know what Paint Thinner is? How does this happen? The only thing I can think of is that this ground crew was very inexperienced. The Hall of Fame has been doing severe renovations all summer (Source: I was there in April) and maybe they didn’t hire the best guys for the new field, or the guys didn’t have experience with this new type of field, or something. Whatever the case, it is hilarious incompetence and the funniest thing to happen for a long while. I was at a birthday party on Sunday and planned on skipping the whole thing and was actually bummed out I missed the fun. I saw some people on twitter were legitimately angry about the game getting cancelled and I couldn’t stop laughing because really, this is far more entertaining than what we would have gotten.