Is there any athlete in the world who gets more attention for effectively doing nothing than Tim Tebow? Not even Manziel has reached close to his level of nonsense coverage. Why can’t he just go away? Also what on earth makes him want to try baseball now? Tebow should honestly just accept the fact that he peaked at sports. He’s never going to be the man like he was at Florida, and he’s never going to accomplish anything greater than beating the Steelers in the wildcard. He’s dedicated his life to football and while you can argue all day about whether he was given a completely fair chance, he is far enough past that moment to make it clear his football time is over. He got a chance almost no NFL flameout gets, a tryout and a contract 2 years after he left football, and he couldn’t make the Eagles. Tebow is done with football unless he goes CFL/AFL or whatever, which he seems to have no interest in despite that I could see him actually doing okay there.

So instead he’s trying to get into a different sport, one he hasn’t played since high school. Even if some of his athleticism and work ethic translate over, are we really expecting the big leagues from Tebow? Only Bo Jackson was the kind of freak that could do both, Tebow is not Bo Jackson. It sounds like they are setting him up at catcher, which means everyone would steal bases on him since his wind up would take 3 days.

But whatever, Tim Tebow can do what he wants. I’m sure many other football flameouts have considered and tried the very same thing, but they didn’t get the attention, because they weren’t named Tim Tebow. I hope he goes into the minor leagues and is okay. Not good enough to reach the majors, but not bad enough to fail out. Just long enough to disappear from the public eye so that one day, we will no longer get ESPN alerts whenever he takes a dump.

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