Just last week, after the Bills fired Ken Dorsey, I was wondering when the last time was that a team fired a coordinator and it was an upgrade instead of a worrying sign of a looming problem. For the most part, a fired coordinator is usually the first step in trying to scapegoat problems when things are going badly for a franchise. The Bills are a good example. After losing Daboll the Bills simply haven’t looked the same. Dorsey wasn’t a great coordinator and you could argue maybe he deserved to go. But looking at the Bills as a whole it was hard to pin it all on Dorsey. The defense would bend at the worst moments. The game management was confusing, sloppy. The Bills feel like they are slowly rotting from the inside and Dorsey’s firing was possibly the beginning of the end. Time will tell on that one. But then, a week later, we have what I think will be a perfect example of a fired coordinator absolutely being an upgrade. Ask any Steelers fan and they would grind their teeth to dust whispering the same name. Matt Canada.

Congrats Yinzers, the bad man can’t hurt you anymore!

If you are a dork, Brett Kollman has a pretty good breakdown of why the Steelers offense sucked harder than your mom trying to siphon gas from an empty gas tank. If you aren’t a dork and are lazy like me, this tweet should put some general perspective on you. To summarize: Matt Canada is hairy balls, held tightly to a sweaty paunch in some crusty old tighty whiteys. This is your reminder to take a shower today if you have not yet done so. Personal hygiene is important.

Matt Canada becomes the first coordinator in Steelers history to get the boot midseason. Congrats! He should get a plaque in the mail in 3 weeks. Until Steelers fans complained about him I realized I didn’t know a damn thing about Mr Canada so I looked him up and…he ain’t nothing. This was his first NFL gig. Seemed like a guy who kinda failed upwards. Oh well, he’s gone now.

How this affects the Steelers should be interesting. It likely won’t have a big impact on the team the rest of this year as you can’t really institute a new offense this late, but it might! Who knows. The Steelers are an interesting team because they are the clearest fraud. They have a stifling defense but that offense was unwatchable, and they’ve won enough games by the skin of their teeth to hide it. A mediocre offense makes this a playoff team. The problem now is Kenny Pickett. Is Pickett good? I don’t think so. But under the right coaching, maybe he could reach Tommy DeVito vs the Commanders levels.


As this is Thanksgiving week, do not anticipate a comic on Friday. Have a great holiday if you are in the states, as for the rest of you, well have a good week anyway.