Other Questions in the Bad Quarterbacks Jeopardy category:
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This Quarterback was so fat he ate himself out of the league
This Quarterback might have been good, but then he went to the Browns (Multiple answers accepted)
This QB isn’t the GOAT (Jeopardy daily double)

Last year it was hard to look at the Texans and not think “Man, this team might be able to compete if they just had a starting quarterback”. They reached the playoffs (at the top of a bad division, to be fair) with Brian Hoyer and Brandon Weeden at QB. They had the best defender in football on the team. They had a solid overall defense. They had one of the best WRs in the game (Nuk). This was a team primed to win. So they paid Brock Osweiler.

And they are actually worse on offense now. Hoyer and Weeden were better than the guy they just paid 72 million dollars pretty much sight unseen. Brock Osweiler is terrible. All the Texans needed was someone middle of the road. Just someone to hand it off to Miller and launch the ball deep to DeAndre Hopkins once a drive. He’d catch at least 50% of those. Brock can’t even do that! His average distance thrown is probably shorter than he is tall. He gets balls repeatedly batted despite being the size of a giraffe.  Hopkins has vanished, Fuller is being wasted, and a stellar defense missing JJ Try Hard is being wasted as well. The Titans might win the division. Goddamn Scott Tolzien for the Colts looked better than Brock has this year. Scott Tolzien! The Texans might have already won the division with Scott Tolzien.

So now the Texans are screwed for another season and a half (I think Brock can easily get cut after 2 years with his contract) and we all get to sit back and wonder how good this team would be with a competent QB for just a little longer.

Also, in regards to the comic’s appearance, I just wanted to try something different.