If you are a Lions fan chances are you’ve spent at least a small percentage of time this year in literal cardiac arrest. Seriously. I feel like Jim Caldwell doesn’t show the team game film to study, but instead inspiring sports movies, because as we all know every sports movie must have the team losing near the end and then win it all in magical fantasy fashion. On top of showing these inspiring movies, he has game film from every football comeback in history on repeat. This is the only way I can figure out how the Lions keep managing to do this ridiculous shit week in and out. I don’t think it’s getting the attention it deserves, because it feels like Matt Stafford is building an entire hall of fame resume of late game comebacks within one single season.

I can’t seem to find it now (if you can link me) but I saw a graphic about “Teams who were losing in the final minutes of the 4th quarter in every game of the season” or something and then showing winning percentage of those teams, and every team had a horrible record and the Lions were 7-4. The Lions are performing literal miracles and all anyone can talk about is the Packers being bad and the Vikings dying a horrible death. The Lions have heart attacked their way into first place with this nonsense and maybe the reason nobody is giving them the credit they deserve (They are getting some credit, don’t get me wrong, but this should be huger news than most stories) is because week in and week out, none of us can possibly believe they can keep this up. It has to stop working at some point, right? Right? *Lightning strikes outside and somewhere in the distance a cat screeches*

The thing is, I feel like Stafford and the recent Lions have had a knack for games like this for several years, and this year they are doing it every game instead of once in a while. Now that the Vikings have tanked and officially look awful enough to call this a lost season, I am rooting for the Lions. I hope they cardiac their way into a Super Bowl against the Raiders. I mean, unless it comes at the Giants expense, then the Lions can go screw themselves. But if not, go Lions!

Also, if I had to put money on which NFL QB I think could be the best party drinker, I would totally put my money on Matt Stafford.