Tony Romo sucks under pressure.
Tony Romo can’t win the big one.
Tony Romo only dates dumb blond celebrities.
Tony Romo makes bad decisions.
Tony Romo is “unclutch”.
Tony Romo is a big wuss.

These are all common criticisms of Tony Romo. I’m a Giants fan, so this comic physically hurt to draw, but at the same time, we gotta set some things straight. If you think Tony Romo is a bad QB for any of these reasons, you are wrong.

Let me lay down some truths here. I hate Tony Romo because

#1: He’s a Cowboy

#2: He’s good. Damn good. And easily a massive threat every time he’s on the field.

Tony gets a lot of flack because he’s on a team with a strong history that expects more, because they haven’t won more than one playoff game in over ten years.  here’s the thing: When you look at statistics, Romo is amazing. Since he started, he’s never been ranked below #11 in QB rankings (excluding 2010, where he missed half the year with a shoulder injury and still ranked in the top half of QBs). He’s easily a top 10 QB. His passer rating is #2 on the ALL TIME list. Last year, he was #2 in 4th quarter comebacks. Who was he behind? Eli Manning, who had a historic year for comebacks. But stats wise, he actually outplayed Eli during the regular season.

As for the “Unclutch” or “chokes” argument, there are no stats to back that up. Clutch is mostly an analyst buzzword that doesn’t actually have a set definition, or is in any way tangible.  He has had a few games where things go wrong at the end, but football is a team sport more than anything, so you can’t heap all the blame on him. Receivers running bad routes can lead to interceptions, but no one ever blames the receiver on the play. The fact is, Romo plays like a poor man’s Brett Favre. he runs around, keeps plays alive, and tends to have some recklessness about him, which occasionaly gets him into trouble. But does he deserve all the hate he gets? hell no. The only hate he deserves is for being a cowboy. He’s tough too, he beat SF in a comeback with a broken rib.

I wish he wasn’t a Cowboy. But he is, so screw him. Have the video this comic is based off of:

EDIT: This comic originally had one of the bad reporters using a common homophobic mispronunciation of Romo as a joke. This purposeful usage was pretty common at the time on internet circles, but was not right. Despite the reporter using it being portrayed as the bad party, the comic did not need this phrase to work, and I’ve since thought better of it and removed it. If you remember the old version and were confused to see the new one, that’s why. Apologies to anyone who saw it and was affected by it.