Not gonna lie, kinda expected Dez Bryant to be on a team by now.

I wasn’t shocked the Cowboys released Bryant. He doesn’t seem to fit with the new look of the offense. For a while there the Cowboys offensive identity was Romo, Witten, and Dez. It seemed difficult to successfully stop all 3, but if you did you had a good chance of winning since in that same time frame their defense was a joke. Then the boys found a run game, Romo got Dak’d, and Dez just hasn’t produced much without Romo back there. It seems like the Cowboys big target is future Patriot Cole Beasley.

I don’t think Dez was ever the superstar some do. He played like it occasionally but he was never quite a Julio or Megatron level WR. He was tier 2. Very good, but not quite great. At his absolute peak maybe, but he wasn’t there long enough. But he’s also still pretty good, even if these last two years have not made him look as such. At least think he’s still good. Maybe he fell off a bit for a reason. I was shocked to find out he is only 29, thought for sure he was past 30. He feels like he’s been in the league forever.

Dez is very easily a #2 and for some teams an easy #1, so the fact that nobody has scooped him up is surprising. Maybe this is a case like Suh, where he is good enough that he can take his time to make the right choice for his career, as this is likely the last big contract he’ll get. Or there is more to his play we don’t know and he actually isn’t that highly coveted.

It seems the split wasn’t quite peaceful. I’ve seen Dez linked to the Giants in a lot of reports, kind of like he wants revenge. I don’t see him becoming a Giant. He’d cost too much even if we cut BMarsh soon(a high possibility).

Edit: Lol told ya it was a high possibility