Poor Andre. Toiling away all those years in Houston, being humble and building a Hall of Fame resume while no one really noticed. When we finally recognized his greatness he was old, beaten, suffering the downfall of Schaub. This past season, after 12 years of loyal service to Houston, the Texans tell him he won’t start anymore. They have another Andre. A DeAndre, to be exact. So Andre requests a release, so he can get his likely final contract for his remaining years and still start. Where does he go? To the hated rival Indianapolis Colts, scourge of the AFC South and especially the Texans. Actually Houston probably hates Tennessee more for obvious reasons but LETS PRETEND SHALL WE?

The Texans have been around for 14 seasons. Andre Johnson has been on that team for 12 of those years. For the first 13 years of their existence, Indiana has been a death sentence for the Texans. They never win there. Literally never. While it was no Detroit winning in Lambeau streak, it was still incredible that 13 years had passed and the Texans never managed a win in Indy. It’s not like the Texans didn’t have good years. Matt Schaub was once considered a top 10 QB. That’s hard to believe these days because he fell so hard so fast, but Schaub was pretty good. He even had an amazing theme song.  Hell, when Peyton had neck issues and Curtis Painter did what Curtis Painter does and tanked the Colts it was the perfect chance to finally beat the Colts in Indy. This was the height of the Texans too. The Colts still won that damn game, one of two wins for the season. Unbelievable.

This weekend the Texans finally did it. They won a crappy 6-7 slugfest against Matt Hasselbeck. The Texans finally won a game in Indianapolis. And Andre Johnson was on the Colts.

The Texans are now 1-13 in Indy
Andre Johnson is 0-14 in Texans/Colts games in Indy


Since it’s Christmas week I wouldn’t expect any more comics this week. Certainly not Saturday and likely not for Thursday. I’m at home for the holidays and I’ve got a busy schedule. In the meantime, please enjoy something you may have already seen but didn’t realize it was me: NFL Logos as Donald Trump.