The greatest home-field advantage in the NFL is not Seattle. It is not Miami. It is not KC, or the Super dome, or Foxboro, or being the opposing team in SoFi. It is Jacksonville, exclusively when the Colts come to town.

The Colts play the Jaguars in Jacksonville once per year. The Jaguars, except for 2017, have been pretty shit for over a decade. Yet the Indianapolis Colts cannot beat them in Florida. Not since 2014, anyway. This most recent loss of 24-0 was just another notch on the Jaguars belt for personally agonizing Indiana. The Colts were supposed to be better this year! Wentz and his errant hero balls were gone, replaced with Matty Ice. The Colts got destroyed.

In 2021, they lost their chance at the playoffs with a chokejob for the ages in week 18 against Jacksonville. In 2020, they lost their opener to the rambunctious northeastern Floridians, contributing to the Colts current ongoing streak of losing their openers (does the tie this year count? It should). They lost the season closer to Jax in 2019. In 2018, they lost, and the score was 0 – 6. In 2017 the Colts were trash and the Jags were good, so that’s okay. In 2016, it was technically not in Jacksonville, but England. The Colts still lost. In 2015 they got destroyed as the Jags put up a 50 burger on them. After that the switch flips, and the Colts beat the Jags 3 years in a row. Something broke in Indianapolis (besides Andrew Luck’s body) in 2015 and it has not been repaired since. The Colts haven’t been a stellar team in this timeframe, but they have made the playoffs twice and the Jags have spent much of those years being worse.

The Colts have time to turn it around this season, but I think any hype they might have had has sufficiently flown out the window. The Jags however…maybe they are fun again.