Back in 2016 I pointed out the curse of being the best team ever in a regular season. With the Warriors flaming out in spectacular fashion in the finals, all 4 major sports now had a regular-season champion that couldn’t get the job done. The 2001 Seattle Mariners couldn’t even reach the finals. The Warriors flamed out after being up 3-1 in the finals. The 2007 Patriots finally ran out of gas when it mattered most, and, at the time, the Detroit Red Wings of 95-96 had 62 wins and failed to win the Stanley Cup.

Since that comic the hockey representative has now been replaced twice. First, with the famous 2018-19 Tampa Bay Lightning, who tied the Red Wings yet had one of the most embarassing exits of all time, getting swept by the 8th seed Columbus Blue Jackets, who at that point had literally never won a playoff series before. The Lightning would eventually go on to win 2 straight Stanley Cups directly after this to dull that pain. Now the pain has been dulled even further. Welcome, our newest member of B.U.S.T.

The 2022 Boston Bruins reached the mighty heights of 65 wins and 135 points in a season, both records. They got to face a lame Florida Panthers team in the first round. They went up 3-1, as if to try and spit in the face of two curses at once. They were fools. Absolute fools. The 3-1 lead curse and the Winningest Team Curse struck them down with hearty abandon, sending Boston into the depths of hell where they belong. And the Bruins are the most likable team from that frozen hellscape of Pahk’d Cahs.

I’m torn on whether the sweep by the Blue Jackets or 3-1 failure is actually worse. Needing exactly 1 win and losing 3 straight to an 8th seed as the greatest team of all time is pretty fucking bad. The Panthers are actually up 3-0 on the Leafs as of this writing so maybe the 8th seed was actually good the whole time (insert Leafs choke joke here as well).

Anyway, if we can get the Celtics and Red Sox to absolutely blow it in the same fashion, we can finally get some true justice to the past 2 decades of Boston Sports excellence by making them also the biggest chokers.