ONE MORE WARRIORS JOKE I PROMISE I’M DONE NOW (Probably not). Obviously for Golden State fans this season ended in one of the biggest disappointments in history. It was the kind of disappointment they weren’t used to, the type of sports disappointment I like to call the fan cockblock. You have your regular disappointments, like the Browns, or the Lions, perpetual trashbins who haven’t been good for a long time and all the fans want is a team that could possibly compete or just reach the playoffs. The kind of team that is so flat every year that you wonder why you even care. That was the Warriors for most of their existence. This kind of disappointment wears you down, turns you into a bitter husk that hates fans of successful teams to the point where if a fan of a good or recently successful team complains you get all “CHECK YOUR FAN PRIVLEDGE” on them because your team can’t even reach that level.

The Cockblock is a very different type of letdown. It’s not so much a long, drawn out sink into sadness but a giant plummet from the sky into the ground very suddenly. It happens when a team gets good, real good, and is a genuine competitor for the championship. Almost to the point where it seems inevitable. The fanbase gets incredibly cocky. Your team feels invincible and the concept of losing doesn’t really cross your mind. The playoffs are a mere formality. Then BOOM. It’s all over, and it hits you so fast you don’t really know what to feel. It may not be as depressing as regular disappointment, but it actually sticks with you longer because it’s a very sharp moment in time. Recent cockblocks: Seattle’s INT in SB49. The 2007 Pats. The Panthers and Warriors this year. Each fan of each cockblock can pinpoint the exact moment their hopes took the hit and they realized it wasn’t going to happen, and their lives will forever wonder what could have been. It’s hard to say which disappointment is worse. One does long term damage like CTE, but the other does incredible immediate damage and leaves a big scar, like shooting yourself in the leg.

The Warriors epic collapse is one of the biggest cockblocks I have ever witnessed. I think it might be the biggest choke I’ve ever witnessed. The Warriors were the best regular season team in NBA history with the first unanimous MVP in history, and they were up 3-1 in the NBA finals with at minimum 2 games left to play at home. No team had ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. And they lost. The cock got blocked. In this case, by Lebron, with two minutes left. Now legions of newfound Warrior fans have a giant stab wound in their hearts. They won it all last year, so the pain might be mitigated somewhat, but there is a certain special pain here because of how historic the team’s season was. The team didn’t do it. No matter how much the fan tells themselves “Well we won it last year” or “we’ll get it next year” it won’t make the pain stop. Warrior fans, at least the true Warriors fans, will feel this one forever. Booze helps.

The Warriors now join the group of ultimate cockblocked teams. Each of the 4 major sports now has the team with the most regular season wins in league history lose before the end. Maybe it’s a curse. Don’t be the best team in history. Be the 3rd or 4th best, that usually works out.