So I had some fun in the mountains, enjoying my time, and I was hoping no big news would happen while I was gone and I missed the passing of Giants great Frank Gifford (RIP Frank) but more to TDP’s tune Aldon Smith did another dumb thing and my god, why is Aldon Smith so dumb? Driving drunk and vandalism? Why is he so dumb? Aldon Smith is the world’s dumbest man.

I’d like to say that maybe, just maybe, the 49ers offseason from hell is finally over. But we have like 3 days for Kaep to get ironically killed in a #torm or Vernon Davis to decide he wants to be a tax consultant and retires. Maybe as a final hurrah Joe Montana turns out to actually be Bill Cosby. Point is, the 49ers nightmare isn’t over till that first preseason game hits. Then the nightmare that is the season begins.