157 pounds of weed! 157 pounds! I have many adult friends who weigh less than what Greg Robinson was transporting in those duffel bags. Hell, that’s actually 75% of my own weight, in weed. Damn son, where were you going with that? According to what I read, they were trying to get to Louisiana. Robinson grew up in Thibodaux, a tiny town outside New Orleans which for reasons that will go unspecified, I have beef with. Maybe Robinson is the entire town’s hookup.

He could end up with 20 years in prison, which is kinda yikes. Even as a guy in favor of total legalization this was a bit beyond regular weed enjoyment. 20 years seems a bit much and I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Robinson is kinda weird to me as a player because he feels like the lowest profile major bust in recent history. Nobody ever really brings him up in recent draft bust conversations. He was taken 2nd overall by the Rams in 2014 and I don’t recall anyone having any problems with the pick. He seemed like the highest rated OT in the draft and a safe choice by any measure. While the Jeff Fisher Rams are a bad situation for anyone to be drafted into, he never panned out. He played for the Rams for 4 seasons, switching around the line at various positions, never really finding his footing.

He ended up being traded to the Lions for a 6th round pick. From the 2nd overall choice to being worth a 6th to a team basically just wanting to kick the tires. Detroit let him walk and he became a Brown for the last two seasons. He was a backup for most of 2018 but played a part in the second half resurgence under Freddie. He got another 1-year deal out of it and got ejected in week 1 against the Titans. You may also remember the Browns offensive line was notably terrible this season. He was not expected to return to the Browns. After this I doubt he finds a team.

It just seems to signal the end to an unremarkable career that honestly probably deserves to be discussed as the bust it is. When we think of the biggest draft busts of the past decade, who comes to mind? 2011 had Trent Richardson, but at least Trent seemed to have one good season before he fell off a cliff. 2012 had Dion Jordan, a guy who I forgot even existed until I looked up past drafts (maybe he should also be up there with Robinson as a major forgotten bust). Bortles was the pick after Robinson in 2014 but honestly, he was a reach to begin with so it feels hard to call him a bust. A bust should be judged on expectation compared to career performance, and Bortles didn’t have much expectations at the time as we were too busy laughing.

Robinson was the safest pick in the draft at #2 and now he’s a drug smuggler on his 3rd team. Maybe he doesn’t get the bust label because he plays an unsexy position that people forget to consider. There’s something somehow more tragic about a guy who was so highly rated, never discussed, and promptly forgotten until years later when he did a crime. Is it better to shine bright and explode into flames than to never really shine at all?