Won’t someone think about poor Mitch?

I do genuinely feel bad for Mitch “kissin titties” Trubisky. He was basically the poster boy easy dunk for bad QB this past season and didn’t take the leap forward that he needed to take to justify moving forward with him as the starter. It wasn’t hard to point to the QB situation in Chicago as one of the main reasons the Bears disappointed in 2019. Trubes likely has to go. Apparently the Bears one successful season in 2018 was largely due to gimmicks in offense, that’s a bad sign that Mitch can’t play QB like a QB should.

I didn’t follow the lead-up to the 2017 draft at all. You can tell because I never made “true” cards for them as I never had time. When the draft happened and the Bears moved up to draft Trubisky I had no frame of reference for if that was good or not. I remember most of the discourse being about how the Bears got fleeced by the 49ers and new GM John Lynch, since the 49ers didn’t want Mitch and got their guy Solomon Thomas anyway. Hindsight makes this trade really funny because really nobody won it. Mitch is basically a bust now. Solomon Thomas is a bust. The other picks they got in the trade? One was traded to New Orleans (who used it to pick Alvin Kamara lol). One was traded to the Seahawks to move up in the draft to select Rueben Foster (Who was hurt and then in legal trouble and is now on the Skins), and a 2018 3rd rounder, who ended up being Fred Warner, who is good. I guess Fred is just good enough to say the 49ers won in the end but they ultimately really wasted the haul the Bears offered.

Obviously in hindsight drafting Tits Smoocher over Sherlock Mahomes and Watson was a colossally stupid move but that’s what’s fun about hindsight. I remember a lot of buzz around Trubes and it was very much because he looked the part where as Mahomes and Watson were “unusual AKA injury risks” with “Playstyles that might not translate” and also “we aren’t racist but look at them, they are black”. I really hope that this era of giving people the job because they look like typical QBs can finally end. We appear to be entering a new mobile QB era now as the old statue guard is retiring and the new guard is people like Wilson, Mahomes, Jackson, and maybe Murray. Even Jones, bland and typical as he is, has wheels as part of his resume. Even Cam might not be done quite yet, you never know. I am excited for these fun new times. RG3 died so that these fellas could run.

I made this post to talk about Trubisky and now I’ve gone and wandered off for two paragraphs so you know what? Trubisky can eat it, Blog Over. Sign Andy Dalton, Bears. Make the same mistakes you always do.