I learned something watching the Giants first draft pick that I somehow didn’t know before. Kayvon Thibodeaux is cool as shit. He strutted onstage, flabbergasted the hell out of Goodell with a crazy handshake, and then got in a hype match with the Make-A-Wish kid who announced the pick. Draft pick swagger is nothing new but then I finally watched clips of Kayvon talking to people and…yeah, if he doesn’t bust, we just drafted our new Strahan. Dude is already smoother on camera in interviews than people who have been in the booth for years. Stud. I love him.

It also made me think about Goodell for a bit. Is the NFL draft’s first round the best night of the year as commish? Goodell never looks particularly happy when he has to go out there and be a public face…except at the draft. To be fair, if Goodell is facing the media, it’s usually to address something bad the NFL is covering up but not always. But he genuinely looks like he has a good time at the draft. No doubt it’s probably stressful but getting to stand on stage and welcome all these new players who are effectively having their dreams fulfilled that night seems like it might actually be fun. Considering his usual gig is being a puppet and manager of billionaire egos while also being the public whipping boy, a few hours getting to celebrate vicariously with these kids and shake hands has got to be up there. I’d probably have fun if I was in that position that night. Read some names, get chest bumped by large happy men, good times.

Since we have officially entered the offseason dark zone here’s where I put out the idea request call! Got something on your mind you want to see a comic on? Especially a lateral throwback topic? Hit me up down there in the comments. We got a few months of nothing to get through so let’s do some planning.