I wonder how much the specter of Dan Marino looms over Pittsburgh. The Steelers famously passed over Dan back in 1983 even though they needed a QB and the hometown kid was right there for the taking. As you might remember, Dan Marino went on to be pretty good, and the Steelers missed out. So now this year the University of Pittsburgh produced another QB worth drafting. The Steelers need a QB, as no one expects Mitch Trubisky to be the guy long-term. It happened. Pittsburgh went to Pittsburgh. Kenny Pickett doesn’t even have to change stadiums, he can keep all his gear right where he left it.

Interestingly they probably overdrafted him anyway. This was heralded as a bad year for QB prospects, Pickett had all sorts of shortcomings (besides his tiny, tiny hands), and no other QB went before the 3rd round. Kenny was picked at 20th, the lowest QB drafted since some guy in the 90’s. When everybody is passing over QBs and the top one drafted wasn’t even the guy most pegged as the best QB prospect, this might end badly. But you never know, and if Pickett pans out then the pick was great.

Well, at least Kenny knows Pittsburgh. He could have ended up in like, Detroit. Or the Pit that is Washington.