It’s NFL Combine time, which means it’s time for MEANINGLESS MEASUREMENT DISCOURSE!

There are plenty of good reasons Kenny Pickett isn’t an incredible top QB prospect in a year that seems quite weak at QB overall. I don’t feel like his hand size should be one of them. But last week, for pretty much a full day, Kenny Pickett having smaller than average QB hands became a discussion point. This is far from the first time this has happened. Joe Burrow got dinged for small hands two years ago. He just helped lead a team to the Super Bowl in his second season. He sure seems fine with his tiny hands.

I’ve always had an issue with this kind of judging prospects by measurements they can’t control crap. Arm length, hand size, that kind of thing. Sure, if you are a 5’3 shrimp who struggles to put on weight you probably don’t have much chance at an NFL career, but at the level these prospects are at, minor half-centimeter differences in hand size really just shouldn’t matter. Maybe his smaller than average hands make the theoretical chances of a forced fumble like, 3% higher, if that. That’s still not a very good reason to dock a prospect. A lot of factors go into whether or not a QB is prone to fumbling. I think protection and pocket awareness are much, much more important than being able to grip an extra centimeter of real estate on the ball designed to be grippable. How is Kenny Pickett under pressure? Does he have good ball control? That matters. Judge him for that, not his slightly smaller hands.

I know everyone wants prospects with the perfect toolset but it just doesn’t happen much nor does it necessarily mean anything. As stated in the comic, Daniel Jones has more than enough hand size and he coughs up the ball like he’s eating fried chicken between every snap. Hand size might be a minor thing that could have potential ripple effects on Pickett’s mechanics but any QB and coaching staff worth their salt can easily find ways to work with this. Since there are no real great QB prospects this year, it actually bodes well for Pickett because he might not get too over-drafted and go to a team that doesn’t suck, and have a chance to overcome his horrible disability.

Coincidentally, I am rooting for Kenny Pickett, because his fake slide was cool as shit.