I have uploaded all the pics on the appropriate page, including those past round 1. How did your team do?

To be honest, outside the first couple of rounds, I don’t think anyone can really judge the picks. The first 3 or so rounds are the guys we hear about. The ones with talent, the ones who had good seasons, the ones who are the strongest in a weak positional year. It feels fairly easy to judge those picks even if we don’t know for sure which will bust or boom yet. When it comes to the later rounds, it feels like the best thing to do is look for anyone who actually knows the players specifically to get a judgment or examine their positions and see if they fit the needs your team has.

I was generally pretty happy with the Giants draft, outside our second-round pick. Thibs and Neal are slam dunks, but their second-rounder, Wan’Dale Robinson, seemed like a bizarre choice. He’s a small shifty wide wide receiver. That would be fine if WR was a bigger need than it is. The Giants re-signed Shephard (which I didn’t expect) who is basically already this guy (though older and injured). Golladay was a bust last year for sure and Toney was an often-injured headcase, but we have WRs and now we have an offense not run by Jason Garrett and Freddie Kitchens, nor will we be subjected to the likes of Mike Glennon and the worst offense in history. WR is needed, but there were better more pressing options on the board at that moment. Would have preferred a CB there.

Past round two, we ended up with a Guard, a CB, a Tight End, a Safety, a Linebacker, a DT, another guard, and another linebacker. In terms of quantity, that’s a good haul. If two of them are starter material, it’s a steal. If they mostly end up as depth, it’s not bad. Time always tells on the late picks, but they were generally things we needed and anything to get us out from under the specter of Gettleman is a blessing.

From what little else I know, it seems to me like the Jets absolutely killed it this draft, but none of it might matter if Zach Wilson sucks. (I personally think Wilson is a bust but who am I to say yet)