Here you go! One more draft in the books.

Honestly a pretty wild night. It felt like half the league didn’t have a first-round pick and every other team picked at least twice. Am I happy? Yes. Both Giants picks were ranked the projected #1 overall pick at different times and we lucked into both of them. We needed a star pash rusher and a literal Giant at tackle makes me very happy indeed. They didn’t overthink it or try to get cute. They just picked 2 good players who were available. Outstanding. Gettleman could never. Feels nice to feel good after day 1 for the first time in ages.

Jets seemed to do well. Eagles did well, especially getting AJ Brown out of the deal. I don’t know what the Titans are doing. That seemed very stupid on their part. Jaguars appeared to mess it up, surprise surprise. Lots of Georgia bulldogs.

I missed one pick live, because Bill Belichick is the worst. Nobody had Cole Strange as a 1st rounder on any list I saw.