I’ve seen a bunch of draft people complaining that this year has been one of the hardest years they can remember to make a mock draft. No QBs really puts the entire top of the order in a mess because normally you can just mock the top 2-3 QBs in the top 10-15 picks to the most likely teams and all the other top talent starts to fit neatly into place. Without those QBs, the boards seem all over the place and nobody seems to agree on a consensus top few choices. It reminds me of 2013, which was also a dumb draft with no QBs. Go back and look at that top 10. Woof.

Of course, my retort to this, as always, is who gives a fuck. Putting together a mock draft is so meaningless. Whatever value it adds via discussion or even team analysis is so small, especially when draft writers make about 100 versions each. No mock draft is ever much more than around 15% accurate at the end of the day. Their primary existence is as content filler.

I will not win this fight but I shall continue my crusade to tell people to stop giving a shit about mock drafts. They are speculative discussion points at best and clickbait designed to make you mad at worst. I am once again asking draft writers to stop spending so much time moving names up and down an ordered list as if it has much relevance and put more effort into ranking prospects at their positions and how they may fit on relative teams. Give me more deep analysis of prospects. Give me more lists of what teams best fit a prospects skills. Stop trying to guess who the top pick is, because none of us have any real power here.

And YOU, person reading this, who patrols sports sites every day while procrastinating at work, stop clicking on them. The clicks give them more power. The less you click on them, the fewer shall be made, giving the ones that are more importance, meaning that the writer has to put more genuine thought and effort into each one, raising the value. We can do it. We can end mass Mock Draft overload in our lifetime.

I will be taking next week to work exclusively on the draft cards so don’t expect a comic on Mon/Wed unless some real shit goes down, but be sure to stop by my twitter on Thursday night for some doodles and Friday for the pics