This is your chance, Philadelphia. This is your moment to make us all proud. New York had a chance, and Jets fans gave it their all, but it wasn’t enough. Chicago tried, but their Midwestern sensibilities were too easy. But this is Philly. This city was born for this. You threw snowballs and booed Santa Claus. You threw batteries at a baseball player. Consider those warms ups. This is the main event.

When Roger Goodell takes the stage tomorrow, I don’t want to hear a word he says. I want you to crush him. I want you to obliterate him. I want you you annihilate him. I want your boos to violate him. I want him to feel the kind of shame no human has ever felt. I want him to not be able to speak for minutes as he frantically tries to put up with the show. I want him to feel a level of scorn that would turn away the mightiest armies. I want Roger Goodell’s children to feel the shame. I want his unborn grandchildren to feel the shame. I want his lineage to never escape the feeling of shame you instill today.

I know you can do it, Philadelphia. I despise your team, and you fans, and it’s because I know what you are capable of. You can break a man. I want you to take every frustration you have ever had and channel it into a pure hate spirit bomb. Every no rings joke any of us (myself included) has ever made at you, use it. Every playoff loss. Every embarrassment. Every thing. Channel it. Use it. Destroy him. If there are visiting fans at the draft who are just happy to be there? Crush them too. Use them too how dare they come to YOUR city and dare not play by YOUR rules. Abuse them. Use them. As projectile weapons, if necessary.

Don’t do it for us. Do it for you. Do it because it’s the right thing to do. Do it because the man deserves it. Destroy Roger Goodell.

May you have no mercy on his soul.