I had basically given up on this running gag because it got more and more difficult to do and I had to keep track of more and more players and once you shoot god James Harden in the face with a money laser shot from a large spaceship shaped like a ketchup bottle…where do you really go? Joe Flacco is barely in the league at this point and his contract was the entire reason it started. Most of the players involved are on new teams.

But after the Rodgers contract I thought about bringing it back. He’s a big crypto boy now and there are jokes there. Then Watson got more money guaranteed than anyone else in history, and the contract was so absurd it likely won’t get genuinely challenged for a while. So now the king of the elite money is a creep. Thats…no fun. Might be time to reboot this entire idea and go back to players building silly things out of money in their backyards.