Been laughing for 3 days about this. Aaron Rodgers with probably the biggest Own-Goal of the year. Absolutely hilarious.

Rodgers has been exposed for being an absolute dunce. I love it. Fancy man tried to play coy with the media to keep his actual status unknown. But Covid doesn’t care about that. Covid don’t lie. Now he’s been found out. It’s incredible because Rodgers spent so much time this summer being a weenie and teasing the Packers and fans, and now everyone knows he’s a homeopathic dumbass. I wonder if he decides his football plays by his star sign. His future wife eats clay for nutrition because her taxi driver in Africa told her it was cool, so you have to assume Rodgers has also eaten dirt. For health! Outstanding stuff.

The best part of all this is Rodgers is now a class-A dunce, worse than even Beasley or Cousins. At least with Beasley and Cousins, you knew where they stood. You knew their beliefs. In a public health crisis caused by highly communicable diseases, knowing exactly where someone stands on the issue is actually somewhat beneficial. You can safely avoid people with that information. You know who is at risk and who is a higher risk to you. But Rodgers? Rodgers more or less hid it. He acted like he was vaxxed because his galaxy brain ass thought whatever green tea some quack made him drink was the equivalent of a vaccine. He even lobbied the NFL to consider it as a vaccination! The NFL turned him down, because even the league has two effective brain cells when it comes to covering their own butts.

Rodgers has outed himself as the guy in the group who hides the zombie bite. Beasley? Beasley is the dumbass who wanders into danger thinking he’s safe and gets eaten right away. Rodgers is the guy who got bit, hid it, and now that decision is coming home to roost at the worst moment. If the Packers lose any games while he’s out, and they lose playoff seeding because of it, you can look back directly at this moment and blame him for it. He is reportedly “furious” that his unvaxed status came out. Sorry bud, that’s not how it works. You played with fire and you got burned. If you don’t get vaxed and catch covid, everyone is gonna find out thanks to the protocols in place. Wow! That’s what happened! Rodgers put everyone on the Packers at risk because the girl who starred in Divergent and her best friend Miles Teller told him it was healthy. My ass has fallen completely off at this point.

The big question now is what response comes out of this. Rodgers was unvaxed and the NFL considered him as such. Despite this, he’s been conducting interviews and such without a mask, against protocols. That’s just the obvious visible confirmation of one rule he’s broken. How many other rules has he broken? Are the Packers complicit in trying to push this under the rug? Seems like it if they knew he wasn’t vaxed. Here’s a good reminder of the protocols:

No way was he following all of those. So if the Packers knew, could they be liable for punishment? If the NFL in general knew and was trying to keep his status hushed because he’s a face of the league, will they react with a PR move that exponentially damages the Packers? What blowback might Rodgers face for his role in this? I am eagerly awaiting the fallout. In the meantime, please use the comments to dunk on Rodgers some more. He’s the worst kind of covidiot. He believes in pseudoscience and he tries to hide it in shame and puts everyone else at greater risk for it. Now he’s been found out for the dummy he is. Remember, Seneca Wallace said he believes in chemtrails. That’s even funnier now. I had to reattach my ass just so I could laugh it off again.

By the way, if you don’t get the joke since many of you might not be basketball people, that’s Rasheed Wallace. His catchphrase was “ball don’t lie”, referring to when players would miss free throws after the refs called bullshit fouls. A reference to karmic justice. You can try to dodge fate, but the gods will expose you for the fraud you are. Covid don’t lie.

EDIT: He’s on Pat Mcafee’s show right now, doing a complete double down, hahahaha. He quoted MLK on standing up to rules and called himself a free thinker and the woke mob is after him ahahahahahahahaha he’s gone full QAaron. He consulted Joe Roagn as a health source, Im dying. He won’t even explain his alternate treatment, which if he believes was good enough to justify not getting the shot, why wouldn’t he tell us? Stick up for what you believe, Fraudgers