I am officially retiring the Browns Hydra. I probably could have held on for a while, because there is certainly no guarantee Baker continues to improve and the team doesn’t regress within the next year, but after 2 and a half seasons and the Browns finally gathering into a competent organization it just feels right to let the hydra go. Browns fans have been asking me to do it for years now, and the hydra honestly isn’t as fun when you haven’t updated it since 2018. The fun was how often I was updating it.

I think if I really wanted to, I could hold off till Baker gets his second contract, as that is truly the sign that a team has found a franchise QB, but Baker has already started the second most games for the nu-Browns since Tim Couch. He’s the first one to win a playoff game. He has commercials. He’s won the hearts of Cleveland despite some hiccups in year 2 and 3. So even if the team turns back into mush, it feels right to move on to another target. They got over the hump, even if it ends up being briefly. Farewell Browns Hydra, and may Baker be the guy for many seasons to come.

Oh Friday, a new hydra of sorts shall rise. While no one has been as bad as the Browns at QB, one other team has made a remarkable case for itself.

One last look at our old friend. Many of these heads will also be featured on the new hydra.