This was a little story that flew under the radar this past week. Laremy Tunsil, he of the gas mask bong NFL draft drop, slipped in the shower and hurt his ankle. Classic. He joins a long line of NFL players who suffered embarrassing freak injuries. But really, it’s not that he slipped in the shower that’s the embarrassing part, it’s that he plays for the Miami Dolphins. ZING

I know a few weeks ago I commented that the Bears have become the most irrelevant bad team in the NFL, and I still stand by that. But there is one team that gives them a run for their money, and it’s the Dolphins. The Dolphins are hot garbage and no one cares about them either. They shouldn’t be so ignored. They have a new head coach in Adam Gase (Who I think was a smart hire). They have Suh and Mario Williams. Jarvis Landry. Tunsil was a big deal for a bit. But they just flat out suck, and everyone is basically like “yeah, we know, tell me more about Carson Wentz and things that I actually like”. How the mighty has fallen.

I, for one, am under the opinion that Ryan Tannehill is indeed a bum (And totes a never-nude) and the Phins gotta move on. The experiment is over. The results are inconclusive. Defenders of Tannys have dwindled, but a few stick around, clutching that Offensive line excuse till their hands bleed. It’s true, the Dolphins O-line is real bad. But at this point what does it matter. Tannehill has enjoyed several different coaches, schemes, weapons. It’s time to let him walk, let him Josh McCown his way around the league and end up on the Browns hydra in a few seasons. This is a real shit team he’s on, and if they are going to rebuild, maybe try something new.

I don’t really know what else to say. The Dolphins are bad. They’ve won a single game and it was because the Browns went full Browns. Hope you enjoyed all the butts.

Sunday edit: and the Dolphins beat the Steelers hahaha what the hell