Poor Alex Smith. Mr. Smith went to Washington among tons of criticism and has faced it all with absolute gusto he could, leading the Skins to the top of the division along with old man AP. They honestly looked like the favorites to win. The Giants are a mess, the Eagles are severely under-performing, and the Cowboys are perpetual mediocrity. The Skins had it set. Now they might not make it because Alex is dead.

It was almost eerie the similarities to Joe Theismann’s injury. Joe Theismann got scrunched by Lawrence Taylor exactly 33 years before, to the day. The final score of the game was the same. The injury happened at roughly the same point on the field. And the injury hurts to watch. Maybe not quite as ugly as Joe’s compound fracture, but watching Smith get rolled and coming out with an extra ankle is pretty gross. I know you’ve watched it already. He even broke it the same way Theismann did, both Tibia and Fibula got fractured.

Smith is on the older end of his career and he had to be immediately taken to the hospital for surgery. I don’t if it will end his career like it ended Theismann’s (medicine has advanced) but it is still a big risk. It would be a shame to see it, honestly. It’s hard to hate Alex. He got overdrafted by a bad team, faced years of hate, and has been an absolute professional the entire time. Complete class act, I have tons of respect for him and he should be proud of the career he’s managed to eek out, checkdown memes and all. I hope he can come back.

However, if he does come back, it has to be for the Falcons or Cardinals. Alex Smith only plays on teams with red jerseys, and those are the only ones he hasn’t gotten yet. I can totally see him as a Cardinal too.

COMIC NEWS: since this is a holiday week for the US my schedule is whack, gonna be a checkdown week. Tune in all week for super sketchy comics! ….that read better in my head.