I’m not even sure what to say about all this, there is so much about this entire thing to unpack and there is a very good chance this is just that start. It’s not even the start, the start was Dan fucking Snyder. Man, this whole thing happened so fast.

The WFT is being investigated for all of their horrible toxic culture problems and somehow emails between Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen got leaked. There’s plenty to say regarding the WFT problems, and I’ve said a lot of it already. Dan Snyder is vile. The TEAM’s treatment of cheerleaders and female employees was disgusting, bordering on actual human trafficking at points. The fact remains that all the owners probably have dirt like this on them, and it doesn’t matter because since the owners are all garbage, they’ll circle the wagons around Snyder unless he does something so heinous they have to dump him. The broader picture of this entire investigation is huge and has so many implications, so let’s just kind of leave them to potential future discussion points and bring this back to Gruden.

It almost feels like Gruden got caught in the crossfire of a different fight. These are emails written while he wasn’t even in the league. Why did these emails leak, of all things to leak? Did Gruden piss someone involved off? But make no mistake, Gruden is not a victim, he’s a bigot. He deserves the shame brought upon him right now. I can’t believe I’ve been hearing cries of “well this was 10 years ago! What kind of stuff did anyone say 10 years ago?” Ten years ago was 2011. I knew not to use racist, misogynist, homophobic slurs by 2011. This wasn’t the early internet era when everyone called OP a bundle of sticks. This was 2011. We knew this stuff was bad by then. Gruden is also an old, grown adult man. I might understand kids on Xbox being edgy, but Gruden was a TV personality by then and he still used this kind of language in private. This wasn’t a mistake or a different time, this is who he is. Even if he’s somehow reformed into a new man now (which I highly doubt, maybe Nassib has helped loosen his mind on the gay perspective at least), this is who he was and he deserves to be held accountable. Hopefully this is the last we see of Jon Gruden. It won’t be possible to view him as the goofy football-loving clown anymore.

I bet Urban Meyer is thrilled to have the bad coach spotlight off of him. Urban clearly hasn’t learned the art of the NFL coverup yet. I’m going to be shocked if Urban makes it to the end of the season at the rate he’s going.