Welcome to the rookie class of 2020:
Joey Burrows
Chase Young Squirrels Up A Tree
Tua Wagovailoa
Justin Herboof
Mekhi Barkton
Hairy Puggs III
CeeDee Lab
Kenneth Furry
Brandon Ayips
Noah Digbinoghene
Pee Higgins
Michael Pittbull Jr
Kyle Digger
Ross Blacklab

ALSO! I’m sure plenty of you readers have dogs. I would like to put out a call. SEND ME A DOG PIC! I want to see the Dogplay pooches out there. Let’s see if we can make a full NFL team (22 or so, maybe 25 for kickers/longsnappers) of Dogs. I know you can’t post them in the comments of this janky site but feel free to email them to me at drawplay574@gmail.com. Just send a pic, give me the pup’s name (can be a family dog if you want to participate but dont own one personally) plus any other pup details you want to share and I’ll try and compile them all into a post for sometime in the next 2 weeks if I get enough pups. I might even do a little extra with it should the timing work out.

For my own part, I know she’s been in a few comics so far, but here’s my pup. Her name is Luna, she’s a 3 year old black lab/border collie mix we rescued (with a little cattledog mixed in). She’s an absolute brat and a huge cuddlebug who will jump 3 feet straight up to catch a frisbee.