That game was anticlimactic and pretty bad overall. The Bucs dominated the entire time, and even with a team as explosive as the Chiefs, you could sort of feel they were screwed because the defense wasn’t keeping them in it. When Tampa scored to go up 21-6 right before half, it felt like a dagger that cut you deeper then you are willing to admit. This might have been the worst Super Bowl of the past decade, up there with the Rams/Pats slog and the Hawks/Broncos beatdown. It wasn’t nearly as fun as the Hawks/Broncos game, which became farce after one play and was filled with hilarious Broncos Blundering to keep us entertained. It wasn’t as competitive as the Rams/Pats slog, which at least was close the whole time so it kept some tension overall. It was just a fairly clean domination by one side. Felt like a 90’s super bowl. Bucs played great. Chiefs played like ass. Bucs won. Bucs deserved to win. MVP should be Todd Bowles, all things considered.

The Chiefs never even scored a touchdown. I’m stunned by that. Mahomes was under exceptional duress all night long and unlike most Chiefs games, his supporting cast completely let him down. I’ve never seen a throw like the one he made on 4th down, in midair, sideways, a foot above the ground. It might legitimately be the best throw I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He threw it from that position, 30 yards, perfectly on target into the endzone, and it plopped off the facemask of the receiver. It was one of at least two straight endzone drops. Hill had one bounce off his face early on. Kelce had butterfingers. Hill was barely there. They fell behind and couldn’t use CEH, even though he seemed to do okay. The defense got hit by a ton of penalties (some fair, some pretty ticky-tack), and it set the tone for the whole game and they seemed to play too cautious after that.

It’s weird, because Tom Brady has such a pedigree, to realize this was the Bucs victory. The Bucs. Tom Brady, yes, we’ve seen that. But the Bucs. Tampa has had a good sports year, and I am happy for the Tampa Bay fans. Thanks to Tom it’s easy to forget this is a franchise that hasn’t had much luck over the years outside one beautiful season in 2002. They got to win the first home-field Super Bowl. Yes, this is a weird season, but I’m happy for those folks. The Chiefs? They won it last year. They can have that. I’m really happy for everyone not named Tom Brady. And you know what? Seeing him do it again, in a different uniform…I think I’ve finally reached acceptance. He’s the best. I want him to go away, but he’s the best.

Other stray thoughts:

-I am very happy for Bruce Arians. Dude had to quit coaching a few years ago for health issues, but he came back and won it. And his 96 yr old mom got to see it happen. Incredible.
-Happy for Todd Bowles, and the entire Tampa coaching staff, which is one of the most diverse in the league. That’s important, and it should be mentioned.
-Blane Gabbert! Super Bowl champion!
-JPP! I wish you were still in Blue, but I am still so happy for you.
-Fuck Antonino Brown. Not happy for him. He can eat shit.
-To anyone making the “Is Tom Brady the greatest athlete ever???” argument; he’s not. Football is too much of a team sport to even give Brady full credit for any of his championships. I’d hear plenty of other people, but for my money it’s Serena Williams. She won one of her bazillion titles while she was fucking pregnant.
-None of the commercials were good. They’ve all given up. It’s just “celebrity cameo being wacky!” or “old property nostalgia reminder!” or “outdated meme!” or worst of all, “Inspirational Brand Message ad”. The one with Disney style dead CGI Vince Lombardi bothered me the most. Stop doing that. Let them be dead.
-The halftime show had horrible mixing, at least on the official stream I watched. I couldn’t hear the Weeknd at all. It was a pretty bad show as a result, he’s not a dancer or big time entertainer, his skill is his singing, so if you can’t hear that, it all falls apart.

Since this is the final cartoon of the season, I think it’s a good time to look back at this year and see how I did. How many games I got right, how many I got wrong, who I got wrong the most, who I got right the most, and what my favorite images of the season were. It was genuinely a fun time this year, and I wouldn’t mind bringing it back next season. Let me know if you would want that, or any changes you might want to make to the format (within reason). Also let me know your favorite images from this year!

Doing it next season might be a bit tougher, since normally I’m not by my computer all year. This year made it easy since the pandemic closed my usual sports bar. But if I can find a way to make it work and the people demand it, I can see if I can figure it out. Without further adieu, lets look back on the 2020 season of cartoon pics!

Keep in mind, I didn’t do it for week 1, so all games start at week 2. Here’s my chart!

As you can see, I went 137-86-1 out of 224 games picked. Roughly 61% correct, which sounds about right to me. I never got more than 7 games wrong in any week, but I did that twice, Weeks 6 and 8. Week 2, my first week, was my best week, only getting 2 games wrong.

It’s very clear from the data that I was very streaky. Most wins and losses come in multiple week bunches. So clearly I had an opinion of a team that would get proven wrong for a couple weeks until I learned better. My most successful streak was 12 accurate picks in a row (13 weeks with a bye in the middle) with the Jets.

The two teams I was the best at picking was the Jets and, surprisingly, the Lions. I went 13-2 with both teams. The Jets are not a surprise, the Lions are. I managed to pick out the few Lions wins fairly accurately.

Speaking of the Jets, they are the team I officially had the least amount of faith in, as I picked them to lose every single week. I never even tried to pick the upset. Only the Bengals were close, who I picked to win one game. I got that game wrong. I also had no faith in the Giants to nobody’s surprise, picking them to win only twice. Got both of those wins right though.

The Giants and Jets are the only two teams that I never got a win pick wrong. That doesn’t count for the Jets, since I never picked them to win, but it is notable for the Giants. The only Giants games I got wrong (4 in total) were all games I picked them to lose in. My pessimism is in full bloom. The Seahawks are the only team where I only picked wins incorrectly, but that is a result of me never picking the Seahawks to lose.

As stated above, the team I had the most faith in was clearly the Seahawks, as I never picked them to lose. From a misplaced faith perspective, the team I had the most faith in that punished me for it was The Titans. I picked the Titans to win 11 times, and they lost 5 of those times. I had too much faith in the Titans. Henry you let me down.

As for the team I had the least amount of faith in that proved me wrong, we got a tie between the Bills, Vikings, and TEAM. All 3 teams won 5 games that I pegged for losses. I should have had more faith in Buffalo.

Teams I got wrong the most? Well, this ended up a 6 way tie. Titans, Vikings, Raiders, Bears, Rams, and 49ers. The Vikings, Bears, and Raiders were all trends I noticed during the season, but the Rams, 49ers, and Titans surprised me. As stated above, I had too much faith in the Titans, and then when that faith got occasionally shaken I picked their bounce back games wrong. The 49ers injuries really knocked me out early on, and then once I was convinced they were bad some of the team came back healthy and screwed me over late. The Rams were my biggest surprise. I went on a long streak of losses right in the middle of the season but since they had a bye directly in the middle, I must not have noticed.

As for my worst streaks, I got 6 games wrong in a row with both the Vikings and Rams. Both streaks had a bye week in there somewhere, so it wasn’t directly 6 weeks in a row, but it was 6 picks in a row. Fuck the Vikings and Fuck the Rams.

So apparently I drew 87 pictures all year, which is astounding to me. In fact, I actually drew 100 total, since all the playoff games got pics. That’s crazy. With that said, here are my top ten from the season. Be sure to let me know which ones were yours!

I think NorCal shitting on SoCal was my crowning achievement

I’ll be taking the week off from some work fatigue, be back next week hopefully with the dog post