The whole Odell Beckham Browns saga looks more interesting in hindsight, now doesn’t it?

One thing I think a lot of us forgot when Odell went to the Browns was that he didn’t chose Cleveland. He was shipped there by our doofus GM. Seemed like a smart move at the time to a lot of people. The Giants sucked, Odell was a drama bomb, and the Browns were on the upswing and his buddy Jarvis Landry played there. I feel like we kind of assumed it would work out. But maybe Odell never really wanted that. Maybe one reason he never really gelled in Cleveland was that he got sent there against his will.

When the Browns cut him earlier this year most people immediately pointed the finger at him for being the old Odell. Some of that is unfair. The entire drama started (publicly, at least) when Odell Beckham Sr shared the video of how often Odell was open. Odell shouldn’t really be blamed for what his dad did. If you were a dad, and you felt your kid wasn’t being fairly treated, wouldn’t you do something similar? In fact, I wonder how often other players parents say things on social media like that but they don’t get attention because the player isn’t an Odell-level media magnet.

Eli Apple’s mother is a good example. She’s an absolute psycho online but nobody gives much of a shit about Eli Apple. As an aside, it was amazing to learn that apparently every player in the league despises Eli Apple, because they spent the entire SB dunking on him. This is a guy Landon Collins called a team cancer…when he was still teammates with Apple. Apple must be a real douche.

But after the video incident blew up it also became clear there was friction between Odell and the Browns. Seemed like he was trying to force his way out. The Browns didn’t trade him (this contract needed a re-work first) but cut him, getting nothing in return. It felt like Odell’s career might have been close to over at that point.

Odell signed on with the Rams. The Browns immediately won their next game and the fans rejoiced. The Rams dropped a heavy stinker in the first game featuring Odell, and the haters rejoiced. Odell was the problem in Cleveland’s offense. He would ruin the Rams. Then the rest of the season happened and it turns out no. He was actually instrumental in the Rams super bowl run and fit in fairly well, and he caused no drama. The Browns fell in a well and it became very clear that Odell wasn’t the issue with the offense. Baker is. At the very least, it was clear he and Baker had no chemistry whatsoever and it sounds like they didn’t like each other much.

The rift with Baker has been cited as one of the reasons Odell is a bad teammate, but wherever he goes, Odell always has other teammates backing him up when asked. Several Browns players even congratulated him after the SB win. I’ve never bought the bad teammate narrative that much for that reason. His Giants teammates seemed to love him. I don’t know exactly what happened in Cleveland. We only have a few snippets of info to go on and speculation. It doesn’t appear to have gone well.

Now that he has to rehab another bad injury, I don’t know what will happen with Beckham. Will the Rams keep him after they get Robert Woods back? Woods is better. Will they let him go? He probably won’t be able to play much next season, if at all. He got some redemption this year and I’m happy for him. But goddamn, give his father an award. Without that stupid video getting shared, who knows how all this plays out. Now Beckham gets to go home to his new baby a champion.

Also if no new comics go up next week it’s because I didn’t want to put down Elden Ring