The Cowboys are 2-6 and have lost all 6 games in a row since Romo went down. Before I go into it, allow me to air out my bias a bit:


Ahem. *clears throat*. Now that’s out of the way we can more onto more serious discussion.

The Cowboys collapse is honestly surprising to me. I knew their chances took a big hit when Romo and Dez went out but I never expected a 6 game losing streak (With another loss possible this weekend against the Bucs with Romo still out). Last time Romo broke his collar bone they performed better than this, and on paper this should be the far superior team. I figured they’d lose at least 3, maybe 4 games but the offensive talent would keep things afloat just enough. But this? This is far worse (TOTALLY BETTER) than expected. It really shows you just how important Romo is to that organization. If anything positive comes out of this, it’s that the whole of Cowboy Nation will finally,¬†finally respect Romo for the excellent QB he is. He finally seemed to be shaking off that stigma of choker these past few years, but even last year I still saw Cowboys fans calling him a choke artist and not giving the man respect. There is no doubt now. Romo is that team. They just aren’t the same without him. (THEY DONT DESERVE HIM LEAVE TONY RUN AWAY).

I’ve been contracted by Bleacher Report this season to make little bite size Draw Plays every monday (called NFLOLs. yeah yeah I know- name¬†wasn’t my idea), and this was my most recent one, which I think fits here:


Anyway it’s not technically over for the Cowboys. The Giants are only 3 games in front and have a rough schedule coming up. The Eagles are just two games up. The Skins just one. Stranger comebacks have happened. But it’s hard to see the Cowboys season as anything but a let down (WONDERFUL RAINBOW OF HAPPINESS) at this point and they’d need to play perfect football to reach 10 wins. If they lose this weekend to the Bucs, they are toast.

(More like Dall-ass Cowboys amirite)