I love Miko Grimes. Not like, as a person, but as a source of endless entertainment. In case you don’t know who Miko is, she’s the…lets use the word “outspoken” wife of cornerback Brent Grimes. He of the Dolphins for many years, and now currently on the Bucs. Miko is a very brash personality and one of the few athlete wives who actually seem to publicly express her feelings. In that way she’s actually extremely refreshing. You know, in the “Look at this incredibly entertaining nutjob” sort of way. It’s nice to see someone who actually takes outspoken initiative for her athlete husband instead of being the good wife. Of course, this is Miko Grimes, so there are limits. It’s not the worst thing to have someone unafraid to speak their mind, because they can bring up topics many people don’t want to acknowledge. But at this point it’s not hard to speculate that Miko’s…tendencies to talk have actually hurt her husband’s career. Miko is a drama bomb of glorious megaton magnitude and I’m so so glad her husband doesn’t play for my team.

Brent’s release from the Dolphins is widely hinted to be the result of the Dolphins getting sick of the Miko distraction. Miko would frequently publicly call out other Dolphins players and staff in her very Miko Grimes way (read: rude and obnoxious). She especially seemed to have a hate-boner for Ryan Tannehill. But who doesn’t, amirite? Oh right, most people, because Ryan Tannehill is white bread, inoffensive on most levels.

Miko went off on Monday on her latest questionable rant, once again taking a shit on white bread man and following it up with some genuinely classy anti-semitic tweets about Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and GM Mike Tannenbaum. She called Tannenbaum Ross’ “Jew Buddy” and then doubled down on it, apparently not realizing what she said was, you know, not terribly good. It’s not a compliment to suggest Ross keeps his friend employed because they are Jewish and gotta stick together because Jewishness.

Then Jay Glazer told her to “shut the fuck up” (his words!) and she told Jay Glazer to “Suck My Dick”, which owned pretty hard because Jay Glazer is an annoying human meatball.

Edit: Changed my wording a little bit, I didn’t want to give the impression I have much respect for Miko, she’s nuts. Brent stuck his dick in crazy and then married that crazy. Kodos to him for taking one for the team.