Hi. I’m Dave Rappoccio. Every year, after the regular season ends, coaches are let go, sacked, fired, and run out of town. It’s tragic. These are real people, who have put real hours (usually for multiple years) into this work, and because they do not get their team to the top, they are hated, ridiculed, mocked, and then let go. They have to uproot their families, leave their friends, and set out on the road in hopes that another team will take a chance. For many of these coaches, those chances come too late.

You can help.

These coaches need a home. They need a team to coordinate, to coach, to manage. They need players to love. The difference you can make when you cheer a hiring can mean all the difference in the world. A small donation of buying team gear can help your team support itself, even when it really doesn’t need the money. These coaches deserve better. They deserve love and loyalty. They deserve a opportunity to reclaim what they had. They deserve a second chance. Except Greg Schiano, what an asshole.

Just look at these sad faces. Just think of the defensive coordination they can add to your life. The playcalling. The time management and ability to not let the locker room go like the last bum who totally deserved to get canned because they didn’t meet your personal expectations.

Stop teamlessness. Stop Unemployment. We can’t win Super Bowls without you.

Happy new year everybody.