In case you missed the announcement yesterday, it’s westeros week, son. Also: read up on westeros league history

I couldn’t believe it when Stark went down. After Commissioner Joffrey kicked coach Eddard out of the league for speaking out at him, it looked rough for the Winterfell Wolves, but their first round draft pick Robb seemed like the perfect fit. Dude just naturally slipped into place at QB and led the whole team on an undefeated run for 6 weeks before the injury hit. I was sure we were seeing the next Aegon the Conqueror here, but this is just heartbreaking. Bolton totally speared him illegally but it doesn’t matter anymore, Robb isn’t going to come back from a decapitation. Nobody does, that’s a career ender. Such a waste. The Dreadfort Flayers are such a dirty team it’s absurd. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Joffrey will punish the Flayers accordingly HAHAHAHA I almost made it without laughing. The Commissioner is a joke.

I have no idea what to expect out of the Wolves now that Robb went down. The whole Northern Conference is wide open. The Flayers are now the obvious favorite for the #1 seed, but The Castle Black Crows and Dragonstone Dragons both have some interesting pieces in place and might be able to give the Flayers a run for their money. The Iron Island Krakkens will still provide everyone in the conference with an easy win, and nobody expects much out of the Eyrie Eagles this year either. It’s a 3 team race to the Super Tournament.