It must be absolute hell to support this team.

Cursed with one of the worst owners in the sport. No longer even residing in the city that best identified with them but are now the “other” Los Angeles team, renting out the basement apartment of the more successful team, forcing anyone still rooting from San Diego to brave the terror of southern California 405 traffic to see. They’ve spent the last two decades as a weird counterexample to the idea that all you really need is a good quarterback and things will fall into place. Like the Packers, they’ve had two exceptional QBs in a row over 2 decades! What do they have to show for it? One AFCCG appearance and loss to a Patriots team that would then go on to lose to the quarterback in 2004 who openly scorned your franchise and refused to play for them. This team once fired a coach who went 14-2 after a playoff loss. This team went up 27-0 in a wildcard game last year and then blew it. This team once had one of the best offenses and defenses at the same time and didn’t even make the playoffs because of special teams buffoonery. This team has a literal meme named after their consistent failures.

The Chargers currently have one of the best young QBs in the NFL, a player that most of us would love to have playing for our team. They have talent. Yeah, Mike Williams is out, and they aren’t stacked, but this is not a 4 win talented team. You know who is? The Giants. The 2023 New York Giants, a known disgraceful mess currently starting The Situation from the Jersey Shore, have as many wins as the 2023 Chargers. When they faced the Ravens this past weekend, I was stunned to watch them somehow lose by more than 3 points. They always lose by less than 1 score. That’s why it hurts so much.

The Chargers have one of the best social media accounts in the NFL because they pretty much have to have something go their way. Brandon Staley has been an absolute disaster. Brought in as a defensive mastermind, turns out he was just a guy who was near McVay and got to cheat by having Aaron Donald on his vaunted defense. He now has Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa! The defense still stinks! Staley should have been let go last year, but nope. Staley could have probably been let go anytime in the last few weeks. Nope. Spanos is a cheap shit. Staley is probably going to last until Black Monday, be the last coach fired, and then Spanos is going to give a cheap contract to Kellen Moore and the Chargers will continue to Chargers it up for the next 3 years.

Herbert sacrifices his body every game to make incredible throws to dudes who drop it. He puts up points time after time after time and then the defense gives another game-losing drive and dumb people call him a choker and a loser. Opposing fanbases fill up the stands at the games. Every Chargers game feels like the exact same nagging pain in your abdomen that makes you wonder if you just have a tummy ache or the beginnings of appendicitis. Is this the game that finally kills me? At what point do you start hoping the answer is yes?