One of these days the people who say this are going to be right, but it’s far more likely they won’t be and we should stop predicting a dynasty before it exists.

I get why this happens every time a team wins a Super Bowl not named The Patriots. These fans have just witnessed their favorite team overcome the odds and become champions. You’re high on your own supply for a while after that (my condolences to fans of teams not fortunate enough to understand this high, I wish you could) and it feels like nothing matters because you’re the best and you proved it. But there have only been two dynasties since the realignment, and both have been the same team and in some ways could be considered one large dynasty. I consider the Pats one long dynasty with two major peaks of rule. But those damn Pats have broken everyone’s brains.

People see “Oh you got a great coach, and great quarterback, and some great skill players and you’ll compete” because that’s what the Pats have basically done but it really is hard to win multiple championships, even close together. The only team to truly come close to being another dynasty in the past two decades was the early 10’s Seahawks. They are the only ones to go to back-to-back bowls and almost won both. They haven’t even reached a championship game since. I’d personally consider the Seahawks the second best team of the decade after the Pats. It just goes to show how hard this winning it all thing really is. You need health, excellence, and luck all rolled into one run. The Packers had the best QB of the past decade and only won a single chip, and it was as underdog sneaks. The dominant 2011 team lost, they came close a few other times and lost each one. The Saints keep fucking it up in spectacular ways. The Steelers came close to being a dynasty but kept getting Foxboro’d into hell or crumbling at the wrong moment.

The Eagles seemed prime candidates for a new titan and boy did I see fans calling it. They were young. They were skilled as hell across the board. They had the young QB playing MVP ball on a rookie contract. The coach was being praised for big gutsy playstyle and skill. Two years later they basically made the playoffs by default thanks to a woeful division. The coach was questioned for half the season. The QB got paid mad bucks and had spent significant time hurt, to the point where his health is now always a concern. The young skill players have regressed. Old players have quit. They still have enough pieces in place to pull it together, but it feels like they got their chip and the window slammed back down on them and they now sit outside it pounding on the glass hoping they can brute force it again. The Eagles could win the NFCE for the next 4 seasons and never get past the divisional. They could win it all next year. But that dynasty didn’t happen.

Not only that, but the dynasty they proudly claimed to have ended just straight up went back and won another ring the next year. I can see the Pats doing it again this season too. Keep the D intact, protect Brady, grab another good skill player on offense, and hope to god Brady isn’t toast yet and they could be right back in it.

Do these Chiefs have that potential? All the contenders do. They have an amazing QB. They have a great coach. But they have to pay that QB soon. Not everyone is going to stick around. Fortune might not deliver them a 2nd seed next year and injuries could strike. One bad hit on a Mahomes scramble and it could go up in flames. The schedule might not work out in their favor. All of these things feel just as likely as a repeat. I’m happy for the Chiefs but until they win another SB in the next year or two, don’t crown them a dynasty.

This also makes me wonder what exactly defines a dynasty. Is it simply winning two championships back to back? Is Denver a late-90’s dynasty? What if you go to the championship 3 straight years but win the 1st and 3rd one, not back-to-back? Is it merely the act of winning multiple championships in a multi-year window with most of the roster intact for all of them a dynasty? Is simply the act of reaching the championship several years in succession or so considerable? The Bills reached 4 consecutive super bowls, something no other team has done. They didn’t win any, but if someone wanted to argue that was a sort of dynasty, I would hear that argument.

For what it’s worth though, I would be plenty content to never see a dynasty occur in any sport ever again.